How much money will air drying save me?

My partner and I do about 4 loads of laundry per week and we live in an apartment with a coin operated drier costing $2 per load. Every week we save $8 and every year we save $416!!!!

Energuide estimates an average household will use the dryer 416 times per year which results in potential savings of $832 each and every year!

Those who own their own dryers will also save money. A dryer uses an average of 916 KWH per year. At the step 2 rates in BC and Ontario this unnecessarily costs households $88.12 and $72.36 respectively every year.

Not only is this an unnecessary expense but it does not include externalities borne by our environment and ultimately by us. In regards to dams this includes the removal of farm land, the destruction of salmon habitat and the flooding of First Nation territories. It also means miles of transmission lines disrupting wildlife corridors. And it must be remembered this is “clean” hydro energy generation as opposed to climate changing coal, diesel and natural gas plants.

Hanging your clothes to dry is an easy way to save money and help the environment!




Hogan Wood and wild salmon

Hi All, as some of you know I invented the drying racks and created Hogan Wood to help the environment, add value to wood in BC and make a little money.

In keeping with the environment and benefiting BC, for the past 2 days I attended the Cohen Commission into our declining wild salmon. What I heard was deeply disturbing.

Essentially DFO scientists have been directed to avoid research into salmon farms and their link to viral outbreaks and contamination of wild stocks. This is important because since 1995 MILLIONS of salmon entering the Fraser on the home stretch of their life journey have died in river. In some years up to 27 million salmon may have died from a virus which appears to be associated with salmon farms.

What is perhaps most disturbing is this information has been kept from us. Salmon farms have not been required to release or provide data on sick fish and this information has been kept private, even at the Cohen Commission.

Most recently, DFO scientist Kristi Miller was ordered by the Prime Minister’s Office not to speak to the public or attend non-DFO research events. Can you believe this is happening in our backyard!

If you want to express your support for wild salmon and disappointment of the management of fish farms please attend the rally at the Vancouver Art Gallery on August 30th.

For information on Commission testimony go to:

For more info on the rally go to:

New website completed! (well almost ….)

The new website is up but it wasn’t easy! After web developer issues I decided to go it alone. Unbeknown to me at the time this involved learning html, css, php, javascript and WordPress (blog). It was a tough slog but now I can revise the website and create new ones. Quite empowering to have a publishing platform at your finger tips; I wonder what Gutenberg would say!

While most of the site is completed online payment remains. I’m sure I’ll lose a few hairs before it’s done.

A great deal of thanks goes out to all those who contribute to blogs and other information sharing sites which helped enormously. Most recently Om Prakash at All About Basic helped complete this blog.

If you have any suggestions as to how the website could be improved please let me know.

Best regards,